Board of Directors: Jennifer Chavanne


As a Special Education Teacher for over two decades, married for over 25 years to a very supportive husband, two wonderful children, cannot forget our two extremely furry friends, Boss and Bruno, life has been filled with many difficulties, illnesses, caring for others and pure chaos at times. Hence, leading me to this path of intention and practice.

Working with so many different people, abilities, differences, emotions and passions it has become so apparent how contemplative practices can be beneficial to all. My practice as a student of Yoga for over a decade has led me to enthusiastically bring my studies to a new level by completing the Mindfulness Contemplative Facilitator training through MaLa and as the 200
hr Yoga teacher through the Himalayan Institute in 2017.

Working with these teachings has given me skills to approach life’s difficulties, stressors and emotional moments and has brought more spaciousness and less reactivity into my life and environments. Living my life in a more balanced mindful way has given me great awareness, patience and skills to approach difficulties on an off the mat.

My skills in the contemplative field are allowing me to hold space for students, parents, community members, administrators and colleagues as we forge through transitions in our ever changing times. I have seen first hand the power of breathe and other wisdom teachings deescalate very emotional situations for students and co-workers in my life.

Doing this work, I can only hope to open another person’s mind, heart and eyes to the benefits of these practices as my teachers have so beautifully done for me.