MaLa Co-Director & Contemplative Educator: Craig Zink


As a husband, father of three and community leader, I recognize the connection of life experience with contemplative practice. One influences the other and the momentum of learning/developing becomes endless. The connection naturally expands from self to family to work and community. And where it is most authentic, development will be most prevalent. In my experience the changes take time but the rewards are deeply rooted.

Although initially drawn to contemplative practices to deal with physical pain, stress and anxiety, I soon developed an authentic connection to them. The connection was so direct and the development so encouraging  that I committed to daily practices and studying. As an active person with high energy level and busy mind, I developed more self-awareness and mental stability resulting in reduced stress and greater capacity to cope with stress. I developed a greater appreciation for ordinary experiences with more openness and acceptance to the way things are. In a sense I became a student of the present moment, a seeker of what is real and true in any instant, and what develops from those small beginnings.

My journey started on working with myself, developed further through teachers and expanded to supporting others and groups. I receive great joy in helping others with contemplative practices. It is this energy that continues to foster my growth. I find it very inspiring to share my heart connection with the practices and the traditions from which they came. And I am always pleased to see others make a personal connection to a practice because I know that development is the next step in the process.

A certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, and also authorized to provide instruction in Mindfulness Meditation through the Shambhala International organization, I am dedicated to the study, training and traditions of contemplative practice.

I am committed to leading others on a path of development that is true to who they are and inspired by their personal experience and contemplative practices.