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(Please note this site is in the process of being updated to fully reflect Mala’s non for profit status as of 1/1/2018)

We believe that contemplative practices can infuse our lives and culture with much needed balance and   we are invested to contribute to that Healing and Re – Balancing Process through our work. Our vision is that of ” A  more Beautiful World our Heart know is possible” ( in the words of Charles Eisenstein). A world where there is authenticity, honesty, respect and beauty. Our extensive immersion and training  in contemplative practices, hands on class room teaching experience in the fields of Yoga, Meditation and Stress Reduction for 20 + years, our friendship and the appreciation of this precious life has brought us together to form the MaLa Circle.


NikiNiki Gernold

Felicitas Kusch Lango

Craig Zink Director
Craig Zink



There needs to be a concerted effort and many different minds, hearts and hands
to infuse some of the values of contemplative living into the variety of facets of our society:
Education, Research, Healthcare, Workplace, Architecture.

There are many great organizations who are deeply invested in creating a more balanced context.
We like to play our small part in a larger movement that sees value in bringing these qualities forth.

Listed below are some of the organizations we appreciate.