The Alchemy of Contemplative Living 8 week course

 Dates TBA

Do you feel out of sync with the pace of your life? Would you like to be more present to what and who is important to you? Do you want to explore what specifically is important to you at this particular moment in your life? In the “Alchemy of contemplative living” you will learn a cohesive contemplative tool set :

  • The foundational aspects of mindfulness meditation and conscious movement.
  • How the tenets of the Tao Te Ching philosophy can guide and inspire you.
  • How to integrate your practice in your relationships and communication.
  • How to awaken your heart intelligence through gratitude and other practices.
  • How to articulate and craft an intention to live your life more purposefully.

All course participants get a password access to the members only resources for online practice instructions, media lists and mp3 recordings.This course is a useful introduction to the Contemplative Facilitator Training.


(Certified Yoga Instructors can participate in this course to earn Continuing Education Credits)



“I just wanted to take a moment to share how thankful I am for your class about using contemplative practices for stress relief. I took it to set aside some time for myself to relax and step away from the fast pace of daily life. However, I got so much more…Through your instruction I took time to examine what was at the core of much of my stress – my motivations and priorities and reactions to events around me. By taking a closer look at myself and through contemplation I was able to really put into practice the weekly lessons and start shifting my focus to be more positive, resilient and less stressed. In recent months, my responsibilities at work have grown considerably and I’m not sure how I would have coped without using what I learned during the class.” Marlene Cooper

“Now, unequivocally, I can tell you that this class changed my life. I learned so much about myself including a very fascinating look at how and why I make the decisions that I do, how to turn my intentions into reality, and how to relate and work with others who don’t orient from the same place that I do. Felicitas is an utterly brilliant teacher and my only complaint is that this class  is  not a full-year class!”

Bethany Kloc

“As a psychologist, I was unable to ‘heal myself’ when I was struggling with grief issues. The classes and the contemplative practices were an important part for me to be able to ‘shift’, restore my equilibrium and find solace.”

Cathleen Carter, Ph.D.