grow still


Welcome to MaLa Mindfulness Education

Do you want to live in a more beautiful world our heart knows is possible? 

Do you want to create a life in which a contemplative path informs, inspires and sustain you?

Do you want to develop and deepen your own practice and learn to how to teach Mindfulness tools to others?

Are you a teacher, a nurse, a lawyer, a counselor or an artist who wants to infuse your professional life with more authenticity and presence?

Are you a yoga Teacher who wants to add Mindfulness practices to your classes?

Are you a seeker, a parent, a spouse, a caregiver  who wants to infuse  your personal life with more intention?

If the answer is YES you have found the right place.

We have been offering trainings since 2017 and members of  all above mentioned categories have taken part.

Welcome To MaLa 

A non for profit organization that offers Mindfulness Education in Buffalo, Western New York and Beyond.