Mindfulness Facilitator Training

Be the change you want to see in the world !

Do you envision a more spacious, quiet and authentic atmosphere in the environments that you move in? Do you want to be the agent of that transformation?

The first part of this new millennium has brought sweeping changes to the pace, way, rhythm and quality of our lives. As we have gained a new network of communication through the internet, cell phones and social media we have lost mental space, quiet time and introspection.To rebalance our lifestyle in  this new context we have to make clear decisions on where to invest our time and energy.

Even as we are longing for a more balanced and embodied life we can easily be swept away and distracted by the overwhelming influx of information and demands .

In this training we come together and question and explore some of the ways we organize our lives and become familiar with mindfulness  tools that support our intention and presence and learn a set pf practices on how to  bring mindfulness to our environments.

As we gradually learn how to quiet our minds we may find that we are longing for different environments and start to hear that the story of the dominant culture of speed, constant availability and consumerism does not have to be necessarily “ our story.”

As we start to move away of the pressure to achieve a “ better, skinnier and more efficient “body we may find that when slowing down we find ways to move that are respectful of our needs, histories and age and may choose that way of working with our body over “a six pack”  and instead cultivate ways to be fluid and open and strong.

Letting go of the pressure of always being “ positive “ we may find a voice that acknowledges suffering without shame, guilt or victimhood and therefore sounds more authentic.

As we learn deep listening we may find that we hear things from a different place and our responses become more compassionate.

In a mindfulness facilitator training we will explore some to the main elements of the wisdom traditions, mindfulness meditation, Yoga postures, breathing techniques and create  a recipe on how to infuse our lives and that of others with more pauses, reflection, deep breathing, embodiment and mindfulness practices.

To be a mindfulness facilitator does not mean being an expert or a professional: it means to be a human being who is invested in contributing to a more balanced life in the many environments that we move in.
Whether you are an administrator, a nurse, a yoga teacher or a contractor, stay at home mom or an attorney,all you need for this training   is a sincere desire to create a more attentive, balanced and compassionate world.

Duration: 4 weekends
Fridays 6-8.30pm ; Saturdays 9-5.00pm; Sundays 10-4.30pm. Training in between weekends will continue with home study. practices and assignments.Participants are assigned a mentor and study group.

2018 dates:                                                                                                                                 

September 21- 22                                                                                                                      

October 19-21                                                                                                                         

November 16-18                                                                                                                       

December 7-9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Training weekend schedule:                                                                               

 Fridays 6.30 -8.30pm; 

Saturdays 9.00am-5.00pm;                                                                                          

Sundays 10.00am  – 4.30pm                                                                                                  

Once a  month meetings with your mentor and study group will be arranged at the first training weekend.

Cost : $ 300 per training weekend – $1200 total.

Location: Commons Loft, 476 Rhode Island St, Buffalo, NY 14213

Limited Space available. Please request more information and/or application as soon as possible at

Prerequisites: a strong interest in contemplative practices.                                                                        The 8 week  ” Alchemy of contemplative living ”  course  is recommended, but not a requirement.

Faculty: Felicitas Kusch-Lango, Craig Zink, Niki Gernold

This training can count as Yoga Alliance Continuing Education CE Credits for certified Yoga Teachers.


What participants said about the 2017 Mindfulness Facilitator Course:

“The Mindfulness Facilitator Training was a very powerful and life changing program”

” This training has helped me so very much in my personal and professional life”

” Has brought more balance and openness into my life”

“Thank you so much for offering this training and this safe and welcoming space. I have found out so much about myself and have learnt tangible tools to bring mindfulness to my environments.”