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   Contemplative Education and Coaching for balanced & intentional living

Why contemplative education:

Because of our  increasingly overstimulated, distracted and fast paced  life style a contemplative practice has become a necessity to cultivate a life that is centered, intentional and balanced. A contemplative path and practice requires skills, dedication and specific tools to create a lasting and transformative impact.We  teach a cohesive contemplative path that  includes foundational elements of meditation, yoga  and contemplative eastern wisdom teachings.

What you will learn:

• Mindfulness meditation techniques

• Embodiment practices :conscious movement and posture sequences

• Identify intentions and align with them as a practice

• How to integrate foundational teachings from eastern wisdom traditions in your life

• Deep listening

• How to cultivate authentic relationships

• What it means to self care

• How to commit to daily practices

Who can benefit from contemplative education:

Everyone who:

• wants to live a life that is more balanced and less stress full

• is going through life transitions

• wants to  live a life that feels more intentional and authentic

Additional specialized courses:

• for the highly sensitive person

• for educators

These courses are taught by contemplative educators with extensive experience and background with these populations.

Format :

Circles  are held  at MaLa Contemplative space at  Healing Waters, East Aurora, NY and the SEA Studio, 238 Lexington ave, Buffalo, NY 14222.

By request at schools, conferences, Yoga studios and other organizations.

Although we do  recognize the potential of webinars in supporting contemplative education, we believe that the essence of contemplative education needs the spark and energy of live interaction (within a group) led by a skilled contemplative educator. In these vibrant and supportive learning containers, insight and transformation are accessed, processed and integrated in a way that webinars alone cannot accomplish.

 Practice Support:

Instructions for the practices in our curriculum are available to download  in our extensive library on our resources page and to be used as a practice support.


Custom Contemplative Design services:

• Create contemplative spaces  in schools, offices and organizations for the specific needs of each environment and population

• Create and implement  specific contemplative  programs for stress reduction and increased quality of learning and working


What we advocate for:

• access to contemplative education and contemplative spaces in all working environments

• a lifestyle that is sustainable,creative and acknowledges the importance of contemplation

• for the training of contemplative facilitators that have a long standing experience and extensive training  in contemplative practices such as meditation, yoga and contemplative philosophy and have integrated these teachings  into their own lives.